How we work with startups
How we work together depends on your needs and where you are at. Startups develop fast - and pivot fast - and we have long experience in supporting founders and startups at their journey wherever it is at.
Whether you are early stage and in need of support in developing business plans, financial models, market analysis or a company brand, or you are well on your way and in need of international experts, market access or investors, we can help. 


Acceler8. has access to high level and high profile entrepreneurs, experts, leaders and investors globally. Together with our network we create win-wins for all parties. Our relationships are build over decades and founded in trust. This means that we will never serve as a dooropener for a list of people you want to speak with. First we ensure that you are ready and rigged for the opportunities the connections can bring. Then we make sure that the identified party is interested in you. And last we connect you and support you in the next steps. Time is precious, and a wasted opportunity is a lots opportunity. Timing is crucial!  

We can help you:

  • Set up advisory boards

  • Find a mentor

  • Open business opportunities in a range of markets

  • Connect with leading investors



When building a startup it is crucial to know your competitors, understand the trends and identify the right markets. Often this involves going back to the drawing board and iterating based on your new knowledge and insight. Acceler8. has long expertise in doing thorough and continuous market research, and a global network of experts we engage to identify partners, opportunities, barriers to entry and timelines in specific markets. 

We can help you:

  • Identify trends and opportunities

  • Perform market scans of competitors and potential partners

  • Deep-dive analysis of specific markets

  • Develop systems to ensure you professionalize your market insight operations


Before you can scale your business, you need to set yourself up right. We call this "rigging the company" or simply "getting your ducks in a row". This includes developing good financial models and a trustworthy business case, build an amazing business presentation, branding, online presence through a website, LinkedIn page and whatever is relevant for your startup, recruit the right team of co-founders, employees, board members, advisors and partners, and having a prototype ready. You also need to make sure that you have control of your day-to-day operations and scalable systems in place. 

We can help you:

  • Go from chaos to structure designing great systems and processes for day-to-day operations, communication and more

  • Develop your prototype fast through the design sprint method (we recruit developers/designers if needed)

  • Design your brand

  • Develop your website and other online profiles

  • Build financial models

  • Build your business case

  • Develop amazing business presentations investors will like (we have raised almost 200 MNOK based with business presentations developed by Acceler8.'s team)


We work together with you over time - side-by-side - to get your company ready to scale by opening up market opportunities and raising capital. Business opportunities are created when the right people meet. Connecting with a company is relatively easy, but connecting with the right people inside that company and building the trust to take a business partnership to the next level, requires time. In Acceler8. we have a global high level and high profile network that we have long lasting trusted relationships with. Acceler8. can take on various roles in your startup, ranging from serving as consultants, to time-limited management-for-hire roles, to joining advisory boards. Our global high level network gives us access to unique expertise and opportunities, and the ability to accelerate you fast.

We can help you:

  • Raise capital from leading investors or grants

  • Connect with business opportunities in numerous markets

  • Secure introductions and meetings

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Recruit developers and other key team members