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A community of global thought leaders

With the 100 founding members of the FutureTalks community arriving in Norway to participate in the Arctic Expedition, it fast became clear that we needed to host an open event to share their knowledge and experience with the world. With that vision we put on "The Future of Everything" one-day event.

FutureTalks started with one crazy idea: “What if we bring together 100 incredible people. People from all sectors and continents. Young and old. A super diverse group, but with one common denominator - that all are passionate about building a better future. And what if we take them to a remote location? A place with no wifi or mobile coverage. A place where we can engage in deep conversations about the status quo and the road ahead the old way. Without googling for the right answers. Without being interrupted by emails. Or work calls. Or social media. A place where everyone will be forced to just be present in the now.”

The FutureTalks community of 100 people was hand-picked based on recommendations and network, and includes high profile people from business, government, academia, art, tech and more. FutureTalks is set up as a non-profit foundation, and you can visit the website here.

One incredible day

FutureTalks took over Mesh in Oslo for the day, and set up three unique stages hosting a total of 74 speakers for keynotes, panel discussions and fireside chats. In addition, The Future of Everything event offered DNA testing, VR-experiences allowing you to witness climate change first hand, and music and entertainment.

Our three stages were named after the Arctic Expedition the 100 founding members and speakers embarked on the day after the event.

Svalbard hosted fireside chat ​with people such as Jonah Nolan (creator of Westworld), Bjarke Ingels (world-leading architect), Kevin Abousch (famous photographer), Danae Ringelmann (the inventor of crowdfunding), Prince EA (global influencer and spoken word artist) and Lady Mariame Jamme (activist and founder of "I am the Code").

Up North hosted keynotes and panel discussions on The Future of.... Materials, Art, Exploration, Humans, Technology and Happiness, and included speakers such as Virgin Galactic Astronaut Loretta Whitesides (Explorations), Regenerators co-founder Laura Storm (Happiness), MapMyGenome founder Anu Acharya (Humans), Modern Meadow founder Andras Forgacs, and artist Drue Kataoka.

Iceberg hosted keynotes and panel discussions on The Future of....  Our Planet, Education, Learning, News, Information, Equality and Peace, and included speakers such as REV Ocean CEO Nina Jensen (Our Planet), Minerva University founder Ben Nelson (Education), Columbia University Professor and leading media expert Raju Rarisetti (News), Chief Innovation Officer in Mozilla Katharina Borchert, grassroots activist and founder of Kliptown Youth Program Thulani Madondo, and Professor and Ethics Philosopher David Rodin (Peace).

Most presentations are available on our YouTube Channel, and a small taste of The Future of Everything presentations is put together for your enjoyment below.


Would not have been possible without our network and long history of proving success

Acceler8.'s Silje Vallestad has build non-profits, leadership networks and startups since the young age of 14. Her work over the past almost three decades has earned her roles such as being honored as a Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum and has put her in the center of leading networks building friendships and close relationships with some of the most inspiring leaders globally. Without this access and their trust in her vision and mission, FutureTalks and The Future of Everything conference would never have seen the light of day.

While the FutureTalks Arctic Expedition was the event that brought all founding members to Norway, the conference was a joint effort and gesture of support and engagement from all speakers. Noone charged speaking fees, and everyone covered their own travel and accommodation costs. In speaker fees alone we estimate that we saved a minimum of 4 MNOK. Although the conference itself was costly to produce, it was a bargain compared to any alternative due to the incredible support from the FutureTalks community, amazing partners and sponsors.

The FutureTalks community is always available to us, and many of the founding members are advising Acceler8. on projects and supporting clients we work with. We have access to world-leading experts and influencers, and we create win-wins for our clients and experts when there are fits.