The right people can make even mediocre ideas acceler8.

The right network is crucial to acceler8 fast.

We have both!

It all starts and ends with people. Acceler8 is a flexible collective of experienced innovators and doers. Leveraging experiences from startups, consulting, research, tech companies, corporations, venture capital, and international organizations, we bring cutting edge entrepreneurship mindsets and methods to every new assignment.


Our collective expands and contracts as required. Through our global network of world leading experts, we always make sure our clients get access to the best expertise and the right opportunities.

Meet our core team that ensures that your needs are met, the right people are in place, and success is created:



Innovation expert, transformation designer and speaker with over 20 years experience. Honored as Young Global Leader leader by World Economic Forum and one of the Nordics top 20 business thinkers by Nordic Business Forum.


Management & Operations

Business leader and manager with 25 years experience from both multinationals and startups. Experienced in managing complex product development projects and ensuring lean and tight project management involving multiple partners.


Research & Sprints

Engineer in Marine Technology and PhD candidate at NTNU. Scientist and researcher by training. Innovation leader at heart. Sprint leader and project manager with experience from day-to-day management of client projects.


CTO / Programming

Experienced programmer and CTO leading a large team of developers across platforms and languages. Experienced innovation sprint programmer building MVPs fast. Partner in SeniorDev - an outsourcing provider for senior developers. Together we secure and build your tech team fast.



Design / UX

Designer with 20 years experience of designing brands, websites and UX for all screens. Experienced Innovation Sprint designer with an extreme ability to work across platforms and deliver on extremely tight deadlines.

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