How we work
We apply proven methods to help you build a culture of innovation, analyze the market, develop concepts and go from idea to reality fast. Combining strategy with high level access to global business opportunities, ensures that strategies are not only words but get the legs to run.
We work with organizations in different phases to support their needs. From startups, to corporates, to government. Our four pillars - Educate, Analyze, Innovate and Scale - involve a range of services that can be stand alone or combined. 


While startups​ are built on innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, many corporate clients need to educate and strengthen their innovation cultures before they can launch new ventures or programs. 


Get creativity and ideas flowing while building an innovative culture

A Hackathon is an intense 1-3 days event focussed on bringing teams together, inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, learn startup methods and open up the intense and wonderful entrepreneurial mindset many corporates lack. If you are looking to identify the intrapreneurs in your organization, this is a great way to do it! Often the term Hackathon is used for hacking code (programming), but it can also be used to hack ideas or concepts. When we organize corporate hackathons, this is typically the way we work. Bringing in coders and designers can be done, but is not required. Hackathons can be focused on concrete challenges the business is facing, or be more general and explorative. Our corporate hackathons often include educational keynotes or program elements focussed on innovation culture, or the future of work, or technology trends. When organizing Hackathons we start of with working closely with the client to identify the core focus for the hackathon. We then develop insight and inspirational studies as well as pre-reading and thought exercises for the participants. And then the hackathon is kicked off! Normally we organize the hackathons outside the corporate offices of the client, but this is not required. Depending on the duration of the event, the number of participants (max 30), and the people involved to facilitate and document, the price starts at NOK 125K.


Deep dive into the expertise of global experts

An expert learning sprint is an educational program where we bring in leading global experts and entrepreneurs in your field to share their knowledge and answer questions. We encourage that learning sprints are condensed to 1-3 days, but they can also be organized as sessions (monthly or weekly) over time. Why invest in learning sprints? In a flux world it is crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry and to keep track of the industry landscape. The smallest garage companies can fast become rockets rising faster and going further than you. Many corporates invest too little in research and insight, and often don't have employees dedicated to research. The task of staying updated is more often than not spread across multiple people not having this as their core focus, and hence becomes extremely dependent on these individuals ability to connect the dots and share. What corporates do more and more of to learn and identify interesting startups, is sending employees as delegates to attend large conferences and summits focussed on technology trends (for example Web Summit, Webit, CES etc). This is a wonderful experience for sure, but is extremely dependent on the delegates access to the right companies and experts (their network) and their investment in getting the most out of the events (where it is easy to end up in long conversations catching up with friends). When organizing learning sprints we first work with the company to identify core needs in terms of insight or even specific companies they want access to. We then do an insight study to map the landscape and opportunities, before we work with our global high level network to bring in leading global experts for the event - many of whom it would be impossible to get access to through a speaking agency or direct outreach. The learning sprint sessions always involve a presentation by the expert, followed by a Q&A session, followed by a reflection and brainstorm session amongst the delegates. The budgets for learning sprints depends on the number of experts engaged, whether they are required to be on-site or can participate over video link and the duration of the program. 


Kick-ass keynotes for conferences and events

The Acceler8. team has expertise and long experience in delivering keynotes on innovation, entrepreneurship, technology trends and finding purpose at larger and smaller events all over the world. Clients include Facebook, Stanford University, Visma, Stanley and many more. Through our high level global network of experts and entrepreneurs, Acceler8. can secure speakers few others have access to.



When working with corporate clients, we often find that while a lot of resources have been invested into insight studies, these are often not continuously updated and they almost always only focus on the narrow box of products/services or business models the company is already in instead of looking at how everything is changing and trying to identify their part in a flux world.


Acceler8. deep-dives into your market, and the opportunities and threats that surrounds it. This can be analyzing your current business and market to identify new opportunities and/or needs in a fast changing landscape, or researching global market opportunities that can serve your business.


Where are you really at?

We work with you to understand where you are at and your needs, before we deep-dive into research to learn more about the users/clients, threats and opportunities. We create customer/user/technology insight studies, develop reference user/client galleries, and map out the global marketplace to identify trends and emerging companies.​


Where could you be?

After an insight study, we develop a strategy to get you to the next level. First we map out the opportunities and lowest hanging fruits, before we engage our global high level network of leaders and experts in the relevant fields to identify partners, opportunities, barriers to entry and timelines. 



When the culture and market insight is in place, it's time to innovate. Acceler8. helps you innovate - fast - using proven methods customized for your needs. Innovation projects can involve one or more of the following:


Get creativity and ideas flowing while building an innovation culture

Using Google's Sprint methodology we develop and test concepts in 4-5 days. The idea is that if you break down the problem to a major question, you can develop ideas and testable solutions extremely fast. Sprints can focus on optimizing a feature or flow in your current business, or developing a brand new service or experience in a current business, or even kicking off a new startup and build it from scratch. We can bring in an outside team of experts, or work with your current team, or combine the two. Innovation and Design Sprints are as relevant for startups and scale-ups as for corporates. 


Build tomorrow's business now

Kicking it off with an innovation sprint, Acceler8. works with you to build a brand new company from scratch. In a flux world you need to act fast, and the best way is to think and work like a startup. In less than three months we can have a new business up and running.


A new venture can be set up as a part of your organization, or as a separate company. We can take strategic roles, help recruit entrepreneurs, secure designers and developers and more.



We work together with you over time - side-by-side - to get your business ready for scaling, and to secure business opportunities and capital. We can take various roles, ranging from serving as consultants or management-for-hire, to joining advisory- or corporate boards. Our global high level network gives us access to unique expertise and opportunities, and the ability to accelerate you fast.


Identifying opportunities and connecting our network

Business opportunities are created when the right people meet. Connecting with a company is relatively easy, but connecting with the right people inside that company and building the trust to take a business partnership to the next level, requires time. In Acceler8. we have a global high level and high profile network that we have long lasting trusted relationships with. We engage our network to:

  • Get honest feedback on your product/service

  • Get insight into market needs and opportunities globally

  • Secure introductions and meetings

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Recruit advisory boards

  • And more

We never pitch or introduce companies before we see them ready. You cannot require access, but you can earn access. Business partnerships work when its win-win, and we always search for the perfect fit. We never take on the role as an agent that only opens doors. We always work side by side with you.


Securing capital to scale

We work with you to get you investor ready, rigging the company and ensuring that all needed documentation and presentations are in place. Then we identify the relevant international investors, and work with you to secure the needed capital to grow.


From chaos to order

You can never be efficient and scale your business if your company systems are in chaos or poorly designed. We help you design the right and scalable systems for your day to day operations. This can involve:


  • Designing functional and well structured cloud based file systems with access control

  • Implementing employee feedback systems to drive high performance and trust cultures

  • Communication plans and systems for shareholders

  • Communication plans and systems for stake holders / opportunities 

  • Designing systems for better work flow and transparency

In doing this we use the best platforms available on the global market, and customize them and design systems and procedures that suit your needs.

Together with our partners and through our networks we work with you to build the best teams, and can help you secure:


Product Teams:

  • Senior developers (iOS, Android, front- and backend)

  • Designers 

Business Development:

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators

  • Program managers

  • Advisory board members

  • Board members

Recruiting the needed expertise