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What will tomorrow's construction companies look like? Will they operate as usual building, selling and maintaining houses, or will they offer additional services to the people living there?

Our partnership with Bate started with a corporate Hackathon to help build a culture of innovation and think outside the box. One of the ideas was then - using the Innovation Sprint methodology - spun out into a separate startup called Fiksa offering everyday help and services to people. Acceler8. has taken both strategic and management-for-hire roles. The project is ongoing.


When global investment company Horizons Ventures decided to host their annual TechCracker in Norway, Acceler8. organized a three day summit connecting the leading startups and scale-ups of Norway with leading investors. Acceler8. sourced 65 companies Horizons met with privately, and selected 40 companies presenting to a full room of national and international investors. BKK, Innovation Norway, Bergen Kommune and Argentum where co-organizers. Companies presenting have already raised over 100M in capital since the summit. We plan for Acceler8. Game Changers to be an annual event.

FutureTalks - photo by Jan Khur and Juli

We need to bring thought leaders together - cross sectors, ages and geographies. Only then can we work holistically to solve the biggest challenges of our time.

This was the core idea when building the FutureTalks community of 100 hand picked people ranging from C-level executives in some of the largest tech companies in the world, to Hollywood producers, to philosophers and scientists, to entrepreneurs, to grassroot activists, to students, to investors, to politicians, to royalty and more.

The founding community hosted a full day conference in Oslo, Norway featuring three stages and 74 speakers, and embarked on a 4-day expedition in the Arctic focussed on communication. Several new ventures and partnerships have been initiated amongst members since.

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FACEBOOK KEYNOTE (and other keynotes)

Silje Vallestad was invited to Facebook Europe's high profile event Grow as a keynote speaker to talk about FutureTalks and how to inspire, engage and connect people.

Acceler8. speaks on topics such as robots and digitalization, building corporate cultures of innovation, the future of jobs, sprint methology and more.

Keynotes have been delivered for a number of clients, including; Stanford University, HR Norge, Visma, Stanley and DNB. 

Through our high level network we can help you secure inspirational and globally recognized speakers on most topics. Just get in touch! 

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When the world is in flux, you need to make sure your employees are onboard the rollercoaster of change and ready to support and change with the needs.

For Sparebank 1 we hosted a series of educational talks mandatory for all employees and worked with the top-level management to brainstorm opportunities.

Coreall is a Norwegian scale-up that's developing game changing core drilling technology for the E&P industry. Acceler8. has delivered management for hire since 2014 in the role of program director leading IPR, international sales and more.

Established in 2016, the objectives of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monshaat” are to organize, support, develop and sponsor the SME sector in accordance with best global practices, to increase the productivity of these enterprises and increase their contribution to the GDP from 20% to 35% by 2030.

Acceler8. worked with Monshaat to develop programs focussed on female entrepreneurship and hosted a learning journey for the top level management to Norway to learn about the national ecosystem and how Norway is focussing on the transition from the old core industry (oil/gas) to building innovation companies in a range of fields.

Othalo has developed a technology to build high-quality houses using 100% recycled plastic. Acceler8. has taken a hands-on role in the company across all areas, including restructuring and professionalization, secure development partners and high-level advisors, fundraising, marketing, re-branding and business development. JDS has developed the designs for the envisioned first Othalo community.

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